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About 2and10 Game Misconduct

2and10 Game Misconduct is a new t-shirt / clothing line that is aimed at the hockey player and the hockey fan. Weather it be roller hockey or ice hockey it does not matter where you play it as long as you play it hard. Once you step out on to the rink you better be able to bring your best. 2and10 is not about getting as many penalties as you can and getting kicked out of the game, not by a long shot. It is all about bringing your “A” game, your “let's get down to business” game. All the hard work that you put into practice, on and off the rink, training and puck control.

Everything you have to give to the game is left out on the rink after the last whistle blows. You are here to do one thing and you plan on doing it better than everyone you come up against. To have that “Attitude” of, give me your best game and I will take it and give it back to you faster, stronger, and harder.

If you wear this logo, you are not about disrespect, not about dropping the gloves, or showing off, but about working, sweating, and winning with every ounce of your body. Play hard and you will conquer your opposition. You have worked too hard to leave this rink with nothing else than a win.

Hope this helps you to understand who we are and what we strive to be. Spread the word to all of your friends about 2and10 Game Misconduct. Let everyone know what it means to you. Tell them and then show them why you have been training so hard. Always be positive and continue to work hard for the love of the game of hockey.

“Get The Attitude”










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